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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February.. Or should I say the month of love? For a lot of people february is the month of love since it has valentine's day, but naha not for me. As a single gal I don't do anything with valentine, 1. because I'm single and fabulous 2. because even if I was in a relationship, I just think it's a lame excuse to give eachother presents and do fun things when you can also do that any other day of the year.
So no posts about how to survive Valentine's day on your own because there's nothing wrong with not having a boy/girlfriend on valentine's day because you could also just go out with your friends or watch a romcom ( for everyone who doesn't know what a romcom is : it's a romantic comedy ) with some icecream. Simple as that, no need to pity yourself. Just have fun.
But since I do wanted to do 1 post related to love I decided to tell you 10 things I really love ( or just really like to do etc)

  1. the beach. I love being at the beach, whether it's alone or with family/friends. It has such a relaxing vibe and I'm able to get lost in my own thoughts. I don't really know how to describe it but the beach just makes me utterly happy.
  2. Tattoos with a meaning. I really like it when I see people who have a tattoo that has a special meaning to them. That something or some point in their life made such a huge impression on them that they want to remind it every single day and get a reminder of it on their body forever. For my 18th birthday I get as present a tattoo for my mom and for years I really want to have the word happiness on my wrist. To remind myself that I need to be happy and that I'm responsible for my own happiness. 
  3. pretty jewelry. Even though I don't always wear jewelry, I still absolutely love it. Especially the dainty rings and necklaces. It's oh so pretty.
  4. inspirational quotes. I'm a huge fan of poezie and inspirational quotes. It amazes me how good people are able to describe their feelings and are able to write something so powerfull that I get the chills of it. And it just makes me thing about myself or I recognize parts of myself in it.
  5. tea on a rainy day ( or just tea in general ). Tea is just like drinking a liquid cup of happiness and having a warm bath inside.
  6. feeling good when I've eaten healthy and worked out. To me working out and eating healthy is just like taking really good care of yourself and it makes me feel better about myself.
  7. photography. Just like poems and quotes, it amazes me how people are able to make such a powerfull photographs that it gets you speechless for a while.
  8. one direction. Very lame and odd I know, but I just couldn't help it. I thought I would get over them after a half year after i started listening and watching every single youtube video of them. But 3 years later I'm still not.
  9. drawing. I love to draw and I love to zone out completely while doing it and getting lost in my thoughts. It makes me feel so relaxed.
  10. people who are themselves. I love seeing people who are themselves in the way they act and look. Because I know that it's so hard to be completely yourself because you're scared that everyone is judging you. But I just love it when I see people wearing something that isn't mainstreem and they just have the guts to do it. People like that, that are people that inspire me. 

While writing this, I just got way more ideas about things I love ( for example : polaroids, inspiring people, listening to music etc) But I just didn't want to make my list any longer than 10. So I hope you liked it, and what do you love? 

p.s. I'm going to the bff event this sunday, is anyone else also attending?
lots of love,

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  1. Ah wat een leuk artikel :) Ik vind echt alles het zelfde leuk <3


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