Friday, 31 January 2014

Hi! So today I want to talk about this webshop called www.comegetfashion.com because I just really felt the need to share this with you all.
So comegetfashion.com is a webshop where you can find and buy loads of fashionable stuff from statement necklaces to shoes, with a really good price! From what I know it's a dutch webshop but they do ship to other countries, which is great for everyone who doesn't live here. So not such a long time ago I ordered the necklace you can see on the photo above, but as you also can see there was missing a little diamond which was nowhere to be found in the packaging. So I email-ed them asking if I was able to get a new necklace or my money back since I wasn't the one who broke the necklace but I just received it broken. And they were like 'sure, can you send me a picture of what's broken?' So I did that and I was able to choose some new things I'd want from the webshop without having to send the necklace back! How kind and what a good service is that! So I ordered new stuff and my packaging came in only 2 days, just as with the necklace!

So in short. I'm just really happy with the good service of this webshop that I felt the need to share my experiences with you. You if you have some spare time make sure to check out their webshop here.

lots of love,


  1. Wat een mooie ketting, heel gaaf :)

  2. Leuke webshop is dit he...
    Mooie blog heb jij ziet er goed uit!

    New blogpost: blog van de maand....Jij kan je ook opgeven voor dit onderwerp!


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