Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello! So this is just a simple outfit of today, just wearing something comfortable before going back to school tomorrow. It makes me really sad to think that the holidays are over since I didn't really relax because i was so busy. But anyway, how beautiful is this sweater? It's one of the things I bought in Oberhousen and I absolutely love it! (it's from pimkie) I'm just pairing it with black jeans and before you think I wear the same jeans in every photo, note that I have 4 black jeans and they all look much alike. And black jeans are just my favorite kind of jeans. Well actually almost everything that's black will be my favorite. And my face isn't in these photo's since I wasn't really feeling well so I looked really pale and such.
Write you soon and have a nice sunday!

p.s. since school will start tomorrow I'll get back into my old blogging scedule which means I'll post every other day.

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