Friday, 10 January 2014

Hii! So instead of showing you my outfit today I am showing you my details, like accesoiry and maybe even some things what I did etc. I thought it would be a nice thing to do because often we only  pay attention to the whole outfit/things but not to the beautiful small things. Just as in your live, mostly we only look at the days in general, saying you had a bad or good day but if you for example (...)

have a bad day you'll never be like oh hey I might feel shitty but at least the weather is nice. And I think that's a bad thing because if you have a bad day those small things might lighten up your mood. So I think we also have to live for the small things in life because that what mostly makes up the good.
Wow, that got deep ahaha. Now let that sink in and move on to the pictures :)

necklace from - starbucks mug - casio watch - e.l.f. lipstick in the color beautiful berry.


thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my post. xxx