Friday, 24 January 2014

Hi! So today I got a monthly favorites for you, because January is almost over already! How did that even happen so fast?! However, even though I already blog for 2 years and a bit I haven't done a monthly favorites before ( strange, I know...) and to be honest I have absolutely no idea why, but I guess it just never crossed my mind before? But I'll just list everything below and explain why it's a favorite.

1. The body shop body butter ( in mango). I got this present from my friend when we're doing secret santa and I absolutely love it, not only it smells amazing but it also keeps my skin very hydrated! When I first got it I liked it but I thought it would just be another body butter that smells amazing but just wouldn't hydrate my skin that well since I have a really dry skin. But this actually does. and bonus: There will be a review about this online soon!
2. I love... Vanilla & ice cream. I got this as well from my friend during the secret santa thing and I really like it, not because it really hydrates my skin because it doesn.t ( urgh, dry skin problems) but it just smells really amazing ( that might also be because vanilla is one of my favorite smells but oh wel ) I like to use this before a night out or something ( not that I go out but yeh..) or when I just want to smell really nice.
3. My black waxed jeans and leather jacket. Because I think both are wardrobe staples and I love to wear black. So when in doubt; go all black! ( photo taken form my instagram here, wrote an outfit post wearing these 2 favorites here. )
4. Gold Casio Watch. I've been wanting this watch for such a long time and I finally got it for my birthday from my brother, I'm a type of person that wears a watch every single day so this was definitely welcome.
5. E.L.F. lipstick ( in the colour 'beautiful berry' ). I've been wearing this lipstick a lot because I really like the colour and it's very creamy so it also hydrates my lips.  ( yes this is a plus point because we all know I have a dry skin by now ) and if you want to know more about it check out the review I wrote HERE.
6. lipstick from the rimmel london kate moss collection ( number 07 ( the name is rouge a levres?? )) I really like to wear natural make-up ( except for a nice lip colour sometimes) and that pairs with matte nice nude lips. And I really like this because I can just wear it on daily basis.
7. Bourjois lipstick. This is a bright pink colour with a bit of a gloss in it but it's really nice for a change! And it can totally spice up your outfit when it's a bit boring!
From left to right: Bourjois lipstick - kate moss collection by rimmel london - E.L.F lipstick.

8. Flomar eye pencil ( in brown ). I got this when I was out in oberhausen with my grandparents and it's suprisingly good, I got it in brown since I'd been wanting a brown one for more natural looks, and i love this because it's really creamy and you can also smudge it out if you'd like.
9. Nivea daycream. And yet another product for keeping my skin hydrated. I like this because it just works for the whole day and I like the way it feels on my face.
10. the 1975 album. I've been listening to this album for the past week non-stop and I love it! It's not music you'd often hear in the top40 ( well not at all actually, atleast not in holland ) but I think it's really catchy and something different. My favorite songs from the album are: girls, chocolate, heart out, settle down, sex, she way out.

11. Burberry brit parfume. This parfume is my all time favorite and this is the third bottle already but I just love it sooo much. It smells really fresh and is amazing for an everyday parfume. Plus, I think the bottle looks really nice and simple and the parfume is a peachy colour, like how can you not like it?!
12. My black booties. Black booties.. , can't get enough of them and I wish I owned every fabulous pair I see but unfortanuately that won't happen. But I'm really happy with the ones I got and even though they look worn out I really love them. And I think it actually looks good that they're worn out. and hey, imperfections makes perfect right? (p.s. I was too lazy to clean them, ooops!)

So.. this was my first monthly favorites ever, and I hope you like it. If I can improve something in the way I've done it now, let me know in the comments below! And what is your monthly favorite?

lots of love,


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  1. aww those black booties are so cool! I have similar ones:)
    Emma xx


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