monthly cravings.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

monthly cravings.

Band of Outsiders short sleeve shirt // Black coat // J Brand jeans // ASOS suede boots // River Island black boots // Beauty product

Hi! Today I am sharing with you my monthly favorites, and even though I actually hardly wear normal jeans I'm looking for new ones because well.. it's something different than black. And as you can see besides the coat, I'm not really into winter clothes yet since the weather here in holland isn't suprisingly cold yet, because it used to be way colder for this time of the year. Sadly I need to save all the money I earn from my work for my trip to Berlin in march and for the Summer holidays.
Have a great day!
Lots of love,


  1. Oh wauw prachtige items! Eigenlijk vind ik alles mooi haha!

  2. Die suède schoentjes zijn echt héél cute! X


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