Friday, 3 January 2014

Hello! So I represent to you; the first outfit of the year 2014 ahah. This outfit is about layering, I've always really liked layering because I think it gives your outfit just that extra touch even though you hardly tried at all. And for me this is just a lazy outfit to throw on. (+ I think this messy ponytail really fits in with the outfit  I always love leather jackets and I was looking for a new one since I didn't really like my old one anymore and I'd stumbled across this one in oberhousen for only €40! pretty good price right?! Anyway, I've talked enough for now, I hope you like the photo's and the outfit!

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  1. Hele leuke outfit, ik vind dat blousje echt suuper leuk! Heel leuk gecombineerd <3


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