Saturday, 18 January 2014

" sorry you can't get through, why don't you leave your name and your number, i'll get back to you ooooh" -- little mix - how ya doin' ?

Hello! This will just be a post were I'll be very talkative because I have quite some to tell you all and just telling what I've been up to and such. But let's start of with my new lay-out, it came online last thursday and I absolutely love it! I've been searching for a new lay-out for ages and I really liked this one but Sharon from lovely-photography already had it and I felt kinda bad if I took the same so my research to a new layout went along. Untill I came to the point were I realised that I'm just not able to find one I like more than this one so I asked her if she would mind if I took it as well and she didn't! So I would like to thank her soooooo much for that! 
Moving along to another subject, which might be really small and not interesting for all of you, but I've been on tv with my blog!, well.. actually only my picture but I still really like the thought of it. Because it was on the news and they were talking about how Negin won an award at the stylight blogger competition and they were talking about blogs and they scrolled down the blogger list from I love fashion and that's when you saw my picture! You can find the episode of the news here and go to 09:30 if you want to see what they say about Negin and you'll see my picture a bit later.
But enough about that, I'm a half year further in this school year which means that we'll get new time tables, and I already got mine and it suuuucks! Like for real, I'm out everyday at 4pm except for thursday, I'll make such a long days :( So I hope I'll be able to find some time for shooting outfit pictures, and now I definitely can't wait for the days where it'll get dark later in the evening otherwise I'll have horrible lightening.
Plus, the testweek is coming up which also means I'll have to study this whole weekend :( But I hope I'll get good marks because I really need to get it for math! 
But that's it, so enjoy your saturday!
with love, 


  1. Aaaah lief dat je me noemde, geen probleem hoor dat je de layout ook nam. Ik vind 'm net zo leuk als jij, zolang 'ie maar lekker jezelf blijft is er natuurlijk niks mis mee, toch?! Whaaaa wat gaaf van dat tv stukje, ik zag je foto! Ik volg Negin's blog ook, heel leuk vind ik die. Mijn toetsweek is donderdag al begonnen, heb alleen morgen en maandag nog (vandaag werken en maandag ben ik vrij, jippie!) om te leren voor mijn toetsen. Nog heel even, tot woensdag, en dan ben ik klaar en krijg ik mijn nieuwe rooster. Waarschijnlijk zit ik tot half 5.. OP VRIJDAG! Gekkenhuis, IK PROTESTEER! Dat is gewoon kindermishandeling hoor..


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