Monday, 23 December 2013

a.k.a. A beautiful tragedy that fucks me up badly but it's totally worth it. Also, it made me cry ( a lot actually and I think it's the best book ever written ) 
I got this book last friday, as a late birthday present from my friend and I immediately started reading it that night, and finished it the day after. 
And I'm not one to be sentimental about books, or maybe I am but I would've never agreed to it untill this book. And here I am, doing the never expected thing. Writing about a book. But I think I just owe it to Augustes Waters, Hazel, Isaac and John green. 
I've read a book of John green before, looking for alaska, to be exact. And I thought that book was already very, very good but damn John Green, you suprised me with this one. If you know me you would know that I'm always in to read books ( only english books actually), just because I like literature. And I thought this was just a normal book, or let just say nothing too special, just a good book with some nice quotes in it. But I just can't describe it but woah, this book, this is everything >>> , for real. It has an amazing storyline and it has this huge plot twist that really fucks you up. It even made my cry 5 times (!!!!!!!!!) Like I said, it's a beautiful tragedy, and it really is. Just the way everything is described and how everything is putten into words, I never thought someone was able to do that so beautifully. And to be honest, I wanted to make a post about this book, just because it was totally worth it, but now sitting in front of my laptop I've no idea what to say, just because I'm speechless. But there's one thing I definitely want to say, if you can get your hands on this book, DO IT! It'll be the best thing you've ever read. And this book will definitely be one of my forever favorites and I'm planning on reading it again for a couple times this holiday.
Plus Bonus Points: I did some research on google and there will be a movie of this book next year!! And you have no idea how excited I'm for that, I might even cry ( again )

(Also,  I would've also made some pictures of the pages with my favorite parts and quotes on it but I don't want to give you any spoilers yet )

write you soon and have a great day! x


  1. oeh, leuk ik heb een box van john gekocht ga er ook eens beginnen in lezen.. !

  2. Hi, ik heb ook net John Green The Collection gekocht met : The Fault in Our Stars / Looking for Alaska / Paper Towns / An Abundance of Katherines and Will Grayson. 'The fault in our stars' had ik al in het nederlands gelezen en vond het fan-tas-tisch! Ik kijk er dan ook echt naar uit om het boek in het engels te lezen!


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