Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hi! So as you know, I've recieved a package from E.L.F. in the mail some time ago since I bought some new make-up to try out. And I thought it would be nice to do a new beauty related post and what isn't better than doing a review on the make-up products? nothing right?.. 

Well let's start of with the delivery, the delivery was really fast and they put everything in a nice box and wrapped and secured it good so it wasn't able to break. I got this packaging after only 2 days! + the make-up was cheap :)  And even though it was cheap I was still slightly dissapointed when I found out that the E.L.F. lipstick in the silver packaging was a bit stiff to open. And talking about the packaging.., I think the packaging of that one looks horrible and cheap, but what do you expect for 1 euro? The lipstick itself it quite okay, the colour is really nice ( I have the colour seductive, which is kinda a pinky/coral one ), it stays on for awhile but it doesn't really survive your lunch, so it's a must to put it on again afterwards.
The picture below doesn't capure the colour that well but I'm sorry my brother isn't the best photographer out there ahaha. Luckily you can see the colour on the swatches really well!

Then heading on to the mineral lipstick in the colour beautiful berry ( 5 euro ). I absolutely adore this one! At first I thought it was a little too dark but when I put it on I found out it actually wasn't. I think the packaging of this one looks way better, but that might only be because I love black. And this one opens nicely and isn't stiff. And the lipstick feels really creamy on your lips so they don't feel dry after putting the lipstick on, and this one lasts a little bit longer than the seductive one. And again, the colour didn't capture as good on the photo below because of my brother's photographing skills but you can see the actual colour on the swatches.

And last but not least.., the contouring blush and bronzer ( 6 euro). As you can see on the swatches the blush is too light for me, because you can barely see it on my skin, and it's also less pigmented than the bronzer. So I might just use it as a highlighter because it also has some shimmer in it. But I really do love the bronzer, it's really pigmented and stays on for a whole day! Even though I don't contour my face that often I do like to use it every now and then, not too much. Just a little bit for a little extra depth. And yes my brother made the picture below and let's blame his photographing skills for barely seeing anything that was contoured, ahaha.

I really hoped you liked this post en please let me know if you want me to do reviews more often! Have a great day!

write you soon, 


  1. Wat zien deze producten er goed uit zeg Deem! Mooie foto's van jou ook :) Die lipstick van 1 euro ziet er inderdaad uit als bagger, toch staat de kleur je wel heel mooi samen met de Berry lipkleur. Echt, wat een goedkope prijzen he! Ik heb nog nooit wat bij ELF besteld maar ben altijd nog steeds van plan dat óóit te gaan doen, heb alleen geen idee wanneer (even mijn moeder lief aankijken ook al heb ik zo ontiegelijk veel makeupjes en dingen), maar dat de levering goed is bevestigt het voor mij ook al weer een beetje, hahaha :)

    1. dankjewell! Jaaa klopt, echt alles is gewoon heel goedkoop terwijl ik de producten toch wel redelijk goed vind, oke de lippestift blijft misschien niet de hele dag zitten maar ach, wat wil je voor 1 euro?! hahah. Vraag het anders voor kerst, misschien krijg je het dan wel :) ahahah


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