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Friday, 13 December 2013

After a busy start of the week full of tests and loads of homework assignments and essays, Lisa and I went out to take some outfit pictures in the cold. Plus I wanted to tell you about my new inventation, a.k.a. the jacket I'm wearing. A couple years ago I got this jacket from my mum, it used to be hers for a couple years but she never really wore it so she gave it to me, but it still was a bit to big for me. So I'd only wore it a couple times, threw it in my closet and never wore it again. Untill last week, I was cold so I grabbed this jacket and now I actually love it a lot, and it's really warm for the winter and I think it looks nice :)
I hope you like the pictures and have a great friday!
write you soon. x


  1. i had it cold
    really demi


  2. how late is it
    what must that there
    its raining pipesteels
    to spann the horse after the wagon
    shave you away


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