Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello! So last week we celebrated Sinterklaas which is a dutch tradition ( celebrated on december the fifth) . You basically just give presents to eachother and have a nice evening with your family. You can compare it a bit to christmas but without the christmas three and this only lasts for a day. And I celebrated my Sweet sixteen last Saturday with my friend Demi ( yup, the same name ) which was loaaads of fun! So I thought It would be fun to show you all what I got besides money, food and drank. But my real birthday is on december the 18th ( thanks mum for birthing me ) so I'll also have to celebrate it for the family :) So hello presents! ahaha. And I'm planning to get a review up this week because I already made half of the pictures, so stay tuned!
lots of love, Demi

p.s. the pictures look different because I had to use the flash since it gets dark very early.

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