Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hello! So yesterday I went to maastricht with Lisa, I didn't bring my camera but I still made some pictures with my phone I'd like to show you :) We went to the christmas market which wasn't as big as we thought it would be, but it was still fun to just walk around.

And there was a Ferris wheel on the market and obviously we had to get in there! I always really like Ferris wheels because you always have an amazing view when you're on the top. But Lisa was a bit scared but it was sooo much fun because you could turn the cabin where you were in around so you go in circles and we were going really fast, but at the end I did get a slight headache from it but it was worth it :)

on of the views on the ferris wheel.

after walking around for a bit we went to a cafe where Lisa's sister and parents already where to drink. ( + they had a reallly creepy toilet there )

afterwards we drove home and at first we watched some of the extra features on the one direction dvd THIS IS US, because we had seen the movie on the way to maastricht and we'd seen it in the cinema's before and  obviously after that I fell asleep in the car ( because I can basically sleep everywhere ). And when I got home 2 packages where waiting for me since I ordered some presents because birgit, lisa, fleur and I are gonna do secret santa :) But I couldn't help myself so I also ordered some stuff for myself which I'll probably show in a haul at the end of the holidays! And I also made a selfie with my brother, but my brother doesn't like it because according to him it looks like we have a big love for eachother ( like brother and sister obviously ) but that's not true.

I hope you liked it and have a great day!write you soon, x

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  1. Wat een leuke foto's! Je beanie op de laatste foto is echt geweldig <3


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