Monday, 30 December 2013

I would like to start of with saying a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother who turned 19 today!
And off we go, with the last part of looking back on 2013, I hope you enjoy xx.

I cut my hair off because I was getting sick of my long hair. And I still love my short hair to bits now every day, so I'm glad I made the decision!
I went on family weekend with my stephdad, and we had loads of fun there!
I won this necklace from the giveaway on Eve's blog, which you can find here!

I obviously made some outfit photo's because what's a fashion blog without outfits?
And here we have me, trying to be a badass. But it didn't work very will i think..
I went to Breda with my brother, mom, stephdad and my brother's girlfriend.
The first time I've bought myself a dress since ages.

On midsummer night we went to a festival in our town and saw some of holland's ' famous ' artists. But we really liked Roel van Velzen though. Just because he sang really well, was just very funny and really connected with the audience.
I went on summer holiday and wrote a huge trowback post about it! which you can find here. ( I still love looking at those pictures because it gives me a real summer vibe! )
I went to Antwerp and bought loads of new clothes. AND LOOK HOW TAN I WAS OMG PLEASE CAN I GET THAT TAN BACK?!!
And here we have me and my boys. ( + future husband harry styles. It's a secret so sssht ) Because I obviously went to see there movie. Because that's what someone does who's already a fan for 3 years and keeps obsessing over them (oops I'm sorry )
And here we have some pictures that were made on fleurs huge sweet sixteen which she celebrated with Lieke. And it was sooo much fun, really one of the best parties I've been to. ( not that i go to much parties because i'm not really a party animal, at all! I rather stay home and just watch a movie with some good friends.)

going to another festival called ' AppelPop'. And I still really like how this picture turned out!

celebrating my mom's birthday!
We were going to denbosh to take pictures, but when we were actually supposed to go home we were like hmm I'd rather have starbucks, so then we took the bus the Eindhoven, bought starbucks there and took the bus back to our own town. And I think, that we even sat for like 3 hours in de bus during that day. ( yes we are crazy I won't deny it oops)
celebrating Lisa's suprise party we organised for her. It was so much fun!
going to the Amsterdam fashion Institute and finding out it wasn't something for me, at all!
going to a Halloween party and this was so much fun as well! This party was literally an excuse to act like an Idiot for the whole night.

Spontaniously dying my hair and i'm so happy with the results. But you'd wash out this dye in the 8 times you wash your hair so I'm gonna dye it again this holiday because I absolutely adored my darker hair :)
Celebrating my own sweet sixteen! And i normally never like throwing parties but I'd have to admit this one was great!

making pictures with one of my best friends, melisa!

This is something totally different than all the fun and nice and all the good times I've showed you but like I promised I'd also show the bad ones, and this is one of them. I'm never a person who talks about really personal stuff because I'd rather keep everything to myself so I also do not wish to talk about this, But yes I got into a car crash on the 25th of December, a.k.a. the first day of christmas. Luckily I was blessed that day and I'm doing fine now. Plus, I decided to post this picture on purpose because I also have some other pictures where you can see the car closely but as myself, I don't want to get reminded every time of what happend, and on the picture that's closer you can see really well that the car totally broke down. But if your dutch, I do have some links to news articles about it. Which you can find here, link 1, link 2.  And please remember not everyone's life is as good as you think because people only show the good parts on social media.
Going to maastricht! :)

So this was the last part of my looking back at 2013. I really hope you enjoyed reading it. And I hope the new year may bring you lots of joy and happiness because you deserve it, every single one of you.
so see you next year!

lots of love, Demi

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  1. Super leuk jaar heb je gehad volgens mij! Wat leuk dat je me gelinkt hebt :) Ik vind die foto's met je vriendin zo leuk! ♥


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