Friday, 27 December 2013

The end of this year is near, and a new year is coming! Recently I've been thinking, well what has happend this year, the good and the bad things. And I'd like to share it all with you. And if you'd like to read it, then bare with me please :)

Lisa and I made this commercial for school. It was so much fun to do even though it was sooooo cold! And a hell of a lot work ahaha

it was snowing a loooot in holland. and from time to time you even got sick of it, because snow is horrible. or atleast that's my opinion. But ofcourse you can also have lots of fun in it!

sharing a bunch of inspirational quotes with you. Because if you know me you know that i love quotes and poems!
having a sleepover with my aunt (/godmother) and obviously having loads of fun as always. We literally can't go without making fun of eachother and pulling weird faces and making lame jokes.

partying 5 days in a row because of carnaval. ( which is unusual for me because I actually hardly leave my house if it's about parties or going out ) 
my beloved picture from when my hair was still long.

Making this videoclip for school. I love to watch it every now and then. Because it brings back some good memories :)
celebrating easter!

going to maastricht with school. 

Sharing this HEALTHY coconut cookies recipe, which you can find HERE

Going to Amsterdam to stalk one direction since we didn't got tickets to the take me home tour. AND WE DID SEE THEM. And we did get tickets for their next tour: where we are !!
eating sushi for the first time in my live. ( yes i know I hadn't eaten sushi before since this year and that might make you wonder where I've been my whole life and wether i lived under a rock or something but to answer your question no i did not live under a rock)
making selfies on school because we are goddamn cool. ( no we aren't )

writing an post about going to my aunt's wedding, which was absolutely wonderfull!

So this was it for part one!, I hope you liked it and stay tuned for the second and last part. Have a great day!


  1. I had an amazing year with you and let's hope 2014 will be just as good!

  2. Oeh, leuke foto's en filmpjes! Ben benieuwd naar deel twee. :D

  3. Wat een mooie en leuke fotos! Ben erg benieuwd naar deel 2!


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