Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hello! So as you can see I bought quite a few things last week, and I'm excited to share it all with you! The 2 packages in the boxes came right in time for the picture making!
So on the picture above you can see what I've bought. I bought the shirt from Sans-Online with the shopping money I won due a give-away at Sharon's blog which you can find here. It was the first time I ordered something at Sans-online but I'm very happy about the delivery because I got my package in only 2 days! Then on the right you can see my new phonecases + one you can put around your arm for running. I bought these at miniinthebox, it was very cheap, free delivery but man I've waited such a long for time, or to say an exact time; one month! So if you ever want to buy something at miniinthebox, keep in mind that it takes a long time before you actually have it. 
And then below I've bought this black skaterskirt from the H&M. I've been wanting a skaterskirt for a long time but for some reason I just never could find a nice one, untill my friend Lisa came across this one at the H&M. And last, the E.L.F. make-up, I've bought more from E.L.F. but I didn't put that in the picture because it's for my friends suprise and I don't want here to see it already. Anyway, I'm really happy with my E.L.F. make-up, it's cheap and has a fast delivery! and I think I might even put a review about the products I bought on my blog.

And today I'm gonna make new pictures so stay tuned for a new outfit post! + I might even post a cheeky little video this week so stay tuned! Have a nice sunday!

write you soon,


  1. Erg leuke aankopen, love the skirt skirt!! :) xx

  2. Oehh, schattig. Vooral het zwarte telefoonhoesje

  3. Leuk om te zien wat je hebt gekocht bij Sans-Online van het shoptegoed wat je hebt gewonnen op m'n blog :) Was er heel erg benieuwd naar! Ik wil ook zoooo graag een skaterskirt of een jurkje met dat model eronder zegmaar, vind ik zo tof maar ben helemaal niet zo'n persoon die rokjes of jurkjes draagt, maar wil t eens gaan proberen. En ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar ELF makeup, nog nooit iets besteld daar maar heb altijd wel de neiging om mijn moeder lief aan te kijken of het mag, hahahaha


    1. relaaaaax ik knip alle schamende stukken eruit! hhahah

  5. Je skater skirt is echt leuk!


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