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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hello! So recently I've been on Luna's blog where she did the a Google Chrome ABC, which looked so fun so I decided to also do it myself. Like most of the people I use google chrome, just because it's way easier, faster and it looks better than internet explorer + it remembers the sites you've been on. And that's what this tag is about, from everyletter you have in the alphabeth, you go to google chrome, type that letter in and see which site is the first one to come up!
so here we go! (...)

A: - One of the norwegian bloggers I follow
B: - well this is obvious eheh
C: apparently I don't visit sites that start with the letter C?
D: - Yup, I do check my blog quite often on daily basis, just to see if everything still looks alright and checking the comments and everything :)
E: - As you know I bought some E.L.F. make-up and I've visited that site very often to look around and decide what I want to get ahah.
F: - I don't really post something on my facebook that often but I do like to just look around, even though I almost always do that on my phone
G: - Well duh, who doesn't have this by the G? Google is your friend for everything, funfacts, homework answers, tutorials, you can find it all!
H: - for checking ( or sending ) my email
I: Got nothing here as well.
J: - I really like to look around on Joyce' blog because she has really pretty photo's
K: - Swedens biggest blog, but i guess everyone knows here.
L: - Jiami's blog, her lay-out and pictures are always gorgeous!
M: - for ordering phonecases
O: - well.. , apparently this is the only site i've been on with the O, but I've used it around the time one direction was gonna do their announcement :)
P: - for editing my pictures
Q: nobody uses sites with the q right?
R: - for all the banking stuff
S: - I often have to mail pictures to my friends, which I do with skydive.
T: - well tumblr is life.
U: - I love to look around here because they have the most amazing stuff!
V: - my own tumblr
W: - for studying my words, but I don't use it anymore since I don't have french and german since last year.
X:  not using sites with the X either
Y: - for everything music and video related.
Z: ** - the ** are for my school, but on here I can see all the homework I have, my timetable and my marks.

So this was it and it was really fun to do for me, and I hope you like it as well!
xoxo, Demi

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  1. ik weet de site met de z (;;;;;;;;


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