Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Let's start of by saying I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures. But when we made the pictures yesterday it was really clowdy + it was raining the whole time so the lightening on the pictures turned out bad which pissed me off, and when I edited the lightening the photo's looked boring so I decided to edit them on my phone which means that the pictures get smaller so when you make them appear bigger the quality gets bad.

Anyway, Birgit and I took these pictures yesterday at the Skate court and I really want to go back there because I think the pictures would've looked really nice if the lightening was good. Anyway I edited them as I already told and gave them some kind of edgy + grunge effect.

jacket - Elvita || Tee - Zara | jeans - Hearts | shoes - le ballon | bag - Urban Stiletto


  1. Ahh, ik vind het leuke foto's! Zo'n leuk sfeertje hebben ze. En mooie outfit heb je aan!

  2. Het licht valt best mee hoor Deem, geeft juist wel een leuk effect zo! Ik vind je foto's altijd zo gaaf, vooral de 2e foto is echt tof :)

  3. Hee is dit in Erp!? Haha toevallig! Ik woon (ook?) in Erp :)

    1. hahah jaa! neee ik woon niet in erp maar een vriendin van mij wel :)


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