Saturday, 30 November 2013

If you know me you'd know that I'm absolutely in love with quotes. It might be because I like to read poetry and literature ( yes we had a little fun fact there ) but I think that it's also for a big part because I just feel like other people can turn my feelings way better in words than I can. And a great thing is that you can feel related to it, just like music. You just read a line and it just snaps in your head like yes that totally relates to me or that's exactly how I feel. And it's just really exciting and great to find parts of yourself back in things that matter to you or what really interests you. 
Here are a couple of the quotes from my tumblr that i keep under the tab quotes ( woah what an obvious name ) which you can find here. And do you got yourself a favourite? Or do you know any other nice quotes? 

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  1. Super mooi! Ik houd ook echt van quotes, ze geven je op de een of andere manier echt een boost en zo'n fijn gevoel :)


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