pimp your agenda, or in this case.. mine

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hii! So as you could read in the What's In My Schoolbag post you know that I wanted to change up my agenda a bit. Just simply because I don't like the way it looks now. And here you might be wondering well why the hell did you buy it then? and the answer on that is simple, the agenda I actually wanted to buy from supertrash was sold. And I would like to call this post a DIY but I'm not able to do that because this is just waaaay to easy, like I'm not even gonna give instructions for this because the only thing you have to do is choose your favorite pictures from the magazines and put it on your agenda. But here we go, on the first picture below you can see how my agenda looked like before.

and the final result.. first picture is the front, second the back.

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