Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hello and goodmorning! This is just a quick post made on my phone because I didn't have time to plan in a post and I also didn't have time to make one today because I'm going to Amsterdam like I told you in my previous post :) I hope I'll be able to make lots of pictures there so I'm able to tell you and show you everything about the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. And the picture above is inspired by the lovely Nadia from ( couldn't put a link there because of my phone, sorry! )
I hope you all have a great saturday and just a great weekend in general!

Write you soon,


  1. Veel plezier in Amsterdam, en ik vind deze foto heel tof!

  2. Super leuke foto! En heel veel plezier in Amsterdam vandaag :)

  3. Superleuke foto Deem en veel plezier in A'dam! Ook al ben je waarschijnlijk nu weer terug :)


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