Tuesday, 26 November 2013

As you can see, according to the titel, this post is gonna be about changing. And what kind of changing, you may ask? Well my hair color! As you can see in the photo above ( or maybe you had already seen it on my instagram @demivdl)  i've dyed my hair darker ( or maybe you don't see it very well because for some reason it looks like the camera didn't capure the color as good because i think the difference between my old hair color and this is fairly bigger) Anyway, I'm really happy with it and I think that the next time I dye it I'll do it even darker with some slightly more red in it :) And I'm gonna make new pictures on Sunday with Melisa so stay tuned for that but there are gonna be more posts here untill then. So I hope to see you soon back on my blog.

written with love,

p.s. I think you can see the difference better on this picture because it has been taken in the daylight and the picture above is when it was dark and with flash. picture below is  taken from my instagram.

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