Monday, 11 November 2013

Hello! So as you all probably know I went to Amsterdam last saturday to go to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. And to be honest, I wasn't like I expected, it was nice but so crowded and it felt like it wasn't good organised at all. You had to scan in your letter, you got a time table were you can see where everything was and then you just had to find your own way through the whole building. So at first I went to the presentation, which was quite okay and they explained everything well. But afterwards you was able to walk around - if that was even possible because of the huge crowd - and then you could go to some class rooms to walk around and see some of the books the students made ( for example the inspiration books ) But they didn't really explain everything there. And the way they work on the school and how everything goes once you got accepted for the study wasn't really my cup of tea
But to prevent you all from a long story about the school I won't tell everything, but if you want some further information or have some questions feel free to email me or comment below. 

When I got back from the school I also went to the city to shop a bit - not that I didn't have any money but oh well my mom was with me and she bought a new pair of trousers for me :) - But it was also really crowded in the city because loads of celebrity's where there because the EMA's were the next day. Sadly I've seen none of them. I really wish I had tickets to the EMA's because I think it would be amazing to be there. After the shopping and walking through the same street for 100000 times to search for the urban outfitters we went home because I was extremely tired. And I'd seen so many pretty clothes but too bad I didn't have any money to buy them :( 
But after all I still had a great day!

write you soon, 
xoxo Demi


  1. jammer dat het toch een beetje tegenviel!

  2. Wat jammer dat het zo tegenviel zeg! Maar nu heb je er wel geweest en hoef je niet te denken: wat als.. xx


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