Monday, 21 October 2013

random photo I've made a while ago.

So today was my first day of school again since the autumn break. And well, as you can see, I survived it. Thank god. Not that it was that bad but I also can't say it was very good. Luckily I didn't have such a long day at school, like I will have tomorrow. But I never mind it on Tuesday because the last class I have is art class, and oh how I love art class. But as we all know, school's busy so that will be less updates. I wish I could update everyday but sadly I just don't have that much time on my hands. The picture above is just a random picture that's made a while ago. With some like half kinda flower crown thing? I don't know ahah, Julia made it in attempt to make a flower crown when we made pictures a couple weeks ago but there weren't enough flowers I guess?
Anyway, now I need to rush to get ready for my kickbox lessons, and I'm ready to kick some ass today!

write you soon,


  1. Super leuke foto!!

  2. Ahw die foto is heel leuk! Succes op school... hihi, ik heb juist net vakantie. :)

    1. Dankjewel! En bedankt, oooh geniet van je vakantie! :) x

  3. Wat een leuke foto! Ik heb ook net pas vakantie gekregen, dus heel veel succes op school! Voor je het weet is de vakantie weer voorbij en zit ik volgende week maandag ook weer op school. Nog even niet aan denken haha! :)


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