Friday, 25 October 2013

Before I start off with the review, let me say ; cheers to the freakin' weekend!. I'm absolutely exhausted so the weekend is coming right in time!

Now I've said that we can continue with the review ahah. So I recently bought the Nivea lip butter, I've been wanting it because it smells soooooo good! ( seriously if I could let you all smell this, i definitely would! ) and my friend had it. And everytime she had it with her to school I was smelling and using it in class. And I can tell you, it's a good product. If you have dehydrated lips like me, it's very important to use a hydrating product on it. And this product really keeps your lips hydrated and soft, the packaging looks nice and it smells extremely good. So I'm really happy I bought this. ( and for the dutchies here; it's on sale now at the kruidvat for only 2 euro !) So if you can, I reccommend getting your hands on it, because it's always easy to have a lipbalm you can just trow in your bag.

As you can see the raspberry rose one is pink, but it doesn't leave any color on your lips ( which I think is great because I often wear a different color lipstick so you can just put this underneath it.) 

Have a great weekend and I write you soon,

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