Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hello lovelies! So lately I've been getting some new stuff ( again, yes i know. I think we have a little shopaholic here, oooops ) Anyway, if you want to see seperate pictures of everything i got and where I got it keep reading and bare with me through this post :) (...)

Well lets start of with the bag. I ordered this bag from Urban-stiletto and I have to say, i absolutely love it! I've been looking for a bag like this since last year because I had seen the bag from Alexander Wang. But ofcourse me as a poor student I wasn't able to afford that! hahaha. But luckily I finally found a cheaper one. And I am so happy I bought this one! It looks amazing, and it's very easy to use! And even the inside looks nice. :)

Then, the shoes. oh my, i love the shoes soooooooo much! I've been looking for shoes - militairy combat boots - for such a long time. But they had them like nowhere here in Holland. I actually wanted them without studs but along the way in search of the normal ones I fell in love with these babes.

and we continue with the blazer and the tee. I actually wanted a black blazer - because who doesn't love black? and black can literally go with everything! - but my mom insisted on buying this color because she loved it so much and to use her words ' you need some color in your wardrobe ' Well hello, I do have color in my wardrobe. But anyway, i still bought it because ofcourse i like it as well. And why would you buy something you don't like? And the tee is just an oversized shirt from the Zara ( limited edition ). And I really love the graphic on it.

And last, the necklace and the parfume. I've been wanting a gold necklace because it's always easy, and for me a musthave. And I wanted to wear the new shirt from the Zara but it looked so .. ermm empty (?) without a necklace, so now it was definetly a need! I bought this small one at H&M, and it was very cheap. So if you can, I recommend you to get your hands on it :) And this parfume, oh how it smells, it smells so incredibly good! like i didn't expect that at all from such a cheap parfume, it was only 14,99 euro! (!!!!!) it really smells like all kind of good stuff, and what always smell incredibly good, vanillia.

So this was all the stuff I recently bought, and i hope you like this post! Oh and i didn't include the scarf since it was just a quite simple brown one which i bought in DenBosch. ( well I actually didn't do it because the photo's of it were boring and i forgot at which store i bought it, oops!)

lots of love, Demi


  1. Super! Vooral die tas is erg mooi

    x Mounia

  2. Je was into the studs haha! Hele mooie foto's heb je erbij gemaakt Demi, ik vind de gouden ketting echt heel tof terwijl ik normaal nooit van de gouden sieraden ben ;-)

    1. haha jaaaaa, ik hou sowieso altijd wel van studs, tenzij het echt too much is. Oh ik hou meestal wel van die goude statement kettingen zegmaar, maar deze is mooi en klein en hij is mat dus dat scheelt! x

  3. Te gekke schoenen! Goede vondst!


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