Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hello! Thank god the weather is finally turned around ( for good now i hope ) because oh how i love sweater weather! Even though it's extra cold in the morning and not-so-cold in the afternoon, so a sweather might even be too warm every now and then.
Making these pictures was so much fun with Veerle and Julia, And please check veerle's blog out HERE, she just started her blog but she deserves to get more noticed. And if you want to know how you can prevent to 'find yourself searching like a panicking whale through your closet at night because you have nothing to wear to that one party where everyone will be. Or just for school or work, you are terrible frustrated and eventually you just throw something on' check out Veerle's post about WARDROBE ESSENTIALS - here -
Anyway, i hope you like this post.

write you soon,
xoxo Demi

sweater : mango | blouse : vero moda | jeans : expresso | watch oozoo 


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