Getting Creative

Saturday, 12 October 2013

 Hi, So recently I've been sick and I'm always so bored when I'm sick because I've literally nothing to do besides sleeping and being on the laptop and stuff. And since I take art class in school this and the next year I thought why not do something for that? We got a little sketch book where we're able to make all our little drawings in it, and we need to do some of them, like a must. But other drawings are just 'free drawings' you can make them and do them whenever you want. And for a 'free drawing' I've been making this. And I think it looks so lovely with all those nice colors. Totally in the Autumn theme ! haha. Do you like them?

lots of love, Demi


  1. Ik moet precies hetzelfde doen voor tekenen, verplicht tekenen in een dummie. Ik ben totaal niet creatief in dit soort dingen, mij moet iemand anders inspiratie geven. Maar dit is echt superleuk bedacht zeg! Dit ga ik ook doen in mijn dummie, thanks voor de inspiratie! (:

  2. Superleuk! Dit wil ik nog eens doen! :D


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