Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hello wonderfull people! 
At the moment I'm feeling really good, and to be honest I have absolutely no idea why. But you know what? That's also really good because that means that the reason why I'm happy can't be taken away from me. Anyway, I just had my dinner, and now I'm here sitting in my room at my desk writing this. And I was wondering, would you like to see more personal posts? Because I mostly just posts outfits and maybe tell a little bit of what I did that day but that's it. Or do you have any other suggestions of what I could post? ooooooh and guess what I had art class yesterday, which I extremely love, and I got the highest mark for my drawings of the whole class, even though I did not expect that at all, I was ofcourse really happy. Because well I liked my drawings but I though that the other people were waaaay better than me. Anyway, getting the highest mark inspired me to draw more often, so I had immediately lots of ideas. And I wanted to draw something based on a quote, and I already got everything figured out in my head while searching for the quote but I just couldn't find it and that made me soooooo frustrated. So now I'm still searching for it and I just won't give up untill I find it. But now I need to get ready for an intense kickbox session and making my history homework.
stay wonderfull

Lots of love, demi

* 20 minutes later*
small update: thank god I finally found the quote!!!!

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