Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello, Let's start of with saying : Happy Halloween everyone! So I asked some friends of my in the blogger whatsapp if I should do more kind of personal posts, and they said they would like to read that. So I figured that I could start off by telling you all 10 things you ( probably ) didn't know about me. So keep reading if you're curious. :)

  1. I have hayfever and asthma
  2. I might not talk so much when I don't feel comfortable around you but if I know you well I'll probably never shut up and be extremely weird. sorry my friends
  3. I work in a snackbar
  4. My parents are divorced so I basically have two houses. ( plus point : also two closets )
  5. I really like spring & autumn
  6. Not like many other people, I do like rain and I don't mind to cycle/walk through it every now and then.
  7. I think snow is only fun for like 2 days and then I'm already sick of it, even though it does look beautiful.
  8. I try to not judge people when I first see them, but I just can't always help it. I'm sorry!
  9. I always sleep with socks unless it's really hot in the summer.
  10. When I was younger my hair used to be blonde. But for some reason it just got darker and it's brown now :)
So I hope you all liked to read it, and if you also want me to do more personal posts or have other requests / reccomendations feel free to leave a comment below. 

lots of love, Demi


  1. Wat een superleuk artikel! Vind het inderdaad superleuk om wat meer persoonlijke dingen over je te lezen. Ik wist helemaal niet dat je in een snackbar werkte, dat je blond was en dat je met sokken slaapt, hahaha!

  2. pfff vertel eens wat nieuws hahahha

  3. haha leuk om te lezen! ik kan helemaal niet met sokken slapen haha!
    je hebt een leuke blog, ik volg je nu ^^
    liefs liefs

  4. i sleep with socks on too but that my mate is for a whole nother reason

  5. Wauw, alles het zelfde behalve dat ik in een cafe werk ipv een snackbar en ik ben nogsteeds blond haha! Beetje eng om te lezen dit :o xx


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