Saturday, 21 September 2013

sorry that this picture is so blurry but someone who worked at the store had to take it and she had no idea how my camera worked hahaha.

Hello peeeepz! So today Fleur, Kim, Birgit and I organized a suprise party for Lisa since it was her birthday last month. Sadly Birgit couldn't come because she was sick but we head out for lisa's party anyway since everything was already organized and stuff. We went to a hightea in Den Bosch in such a lovely place called ' pink lemon' it looked so cute! and sooo girly and pink and stuff. And the food was obviously delicious haha. After that we went to scrub our hands at Sabon, oh it smells always so good in that store! So now our hands are really soft and smell extremely good. Too bad the picture we have of us scrubbing our hands is quite blurry since the woman who worked at the store didn't really know how my camera worked haha. And we also did some shopping! even though i only bought a new blouse since they didn't have the shoes i wanted in my size. Anyway i had a lovely day!
And did you all hear the new song of one direction called Diana? I absolutely love it!

lots of love, Demi

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  1. aww echt jammer van Birgit! looove Diana xxx


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