fall wishlist

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

fall wishlist

fall wishlist van demi-vdl met short high heel boots

So this are just a couple things that are on my fall wishlist this year, and finally, finally i'll get new shoes. Like for real, i wear the same shoes like every time! Not that i don't have other shoes, but i just like wearing my converse aha. Anyway, if they aren't sold out yet when i've money i'll buy the shoes you see in my wishlist and i get militairy combat boots from my mom :) I'm so happy when the fall weather arrives, i can't wait for wearing all the cosy sweaters. 
lots of love, Demi

p.s. click on read more if you want to see where you can buy everthing on my wishlist :)

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  1. Ik heb je genomineerd voor de liebster awards kijk op mijn blog wat dat inhoud


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