Sunset at the beach

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hiii! This is the last post i wrote on my phone during the holidays. I hope you like it and don't get confused by the date aha.

So today (31 july) we went to mimizan, a place at the beach. We went to there since it's the closest place to our camping with some nice shops and we needed a present for my dad's birthday. After shopping we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset. Which was amazingly beautiful! Until i got attacked by some giant bees or bugs or whatever it was. I was sooooo scared, and it happened twice that night! Well after that i was definitely ready to go home and i'm sure i'll only watch sunsets at the beach in holland. Or maybe also at another place but definitely not at a please where they have those insects! 
Oh and we also went rafting today but i don't have any pictures  of that. But it was really cool to do. I'm off to sleep now since it was a looong day and i'm reallly tired. 
Xoxo, Demi

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