Wednesday, 21 August 2013

HIIIII EVERYONE. So here it is, finally. My summer haul! After doubting quite a lot whether i should post it on youtube or not i finally did it. Since i was quite scared people from school would see it, not that this is my first video on youtube but it's the first video where i'm the only one who's in it. Anyway i hope you like it. But what sucks the most is that the 'thumbnail' of the video is so ugly since i only got the choose out of 3. Does anyone know how i'm able to change it and wants to help me with it? since i know you are able to change it but i've done some research but it says that i can only upload a other picture of you are a youtube partner. So if you have any different ways to help me with that please comment below.

lots of love, Demi


  1. Je kan het inderdaad alleen als je YouTube partner bent, maar dat heb ik ook gewoon gedaam! Het is verder gewoon gratis en werkt voor mij niet anders dan normaal. ;-)

    1. oke heeel erg bedankt! is het ook gratis om dan youtube partner te worden? xxx

  2. Ik vind het leuk! Sowieso een leuke blog.

  3. Supermooie aankopen, je blog ziet er goed uit! X Anne


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