Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hello! So this is my first post since 2 weeks i guess? Well that's because there wasn't wifi at my camping where i was for holidays :( I even bought wifi but that disn't work as well. Anyway, i did write some posts on holiday on my phone so i will post them first before i start posting from my laptop again. But i'll write in the post on what date i wrote it, or the date it happened.
 ( 29 july ) i went to a beautiful city called biaritz ( i don't know whether i spelled that right or not but oh well ) it really is amazing, and the see is truly beautiful! If you ever go to the south of france i really recommend going there, with loads of money since the city is expensive :(  ooooh and just wanna get this out: i loooove the billabong stores so much they look so amazing an have amazing clothes! And am i just poor or is everything else so expensive??? Anyway, i'll go swimming now! And stay tuned for new post of what i did in the first half of my holiday!
Lots of love, demi

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