Monday, 5 August 2013

Hiyaaaa, so this is also a post i wrote on my holidays so be aware of that an don't get confused with the date haha.

so today ( 27 july ) we went on a day trip to spain, to a beautiful place called san Sebastian, not quite sure whether i spelled that right or not haha. But anyway , it's really beautifull here, you have lots and lots of amazing stores, cheap ones but also quite expensive ones. Even though i did bring some money with me to shop i rather buy lots of inexpensive things than just a few expensive things. I really want a penny board, for a long time actually and they have soooo many of them here. But since they're expensive i'm thinking if i should buy it here or just after the holidays, so i can spend all the money i have now on nice cheap things. And so many people surf here! Well also in france and it's so cool to see, i really wish i was able to surf, i was planning on taking surfing lessons here until i found out that that's quite expensive as well so i might as well do that next year because now i already know that i really need to save more money for my next holiday haha. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday, 
Lots of love, demi


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