Daytrip : going to antwerp

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hiii! Today i went to antwerp, which was actually the first time i went there. But ahhhhhh you gotta love that city! It is sooo amazing and they have all my favorite stores now so since today it's my favorite city to shop. And i did buy quite a lot, and i feel like i even went a bit crazy at the jewelry section at the forever 21 hahahah. But anyway i really had an amazing day, and i hope you had one too :) i'm thinking about filming a haul for everything i bought during the summer holidays next week. Since it's quite a lot and maybe even too much to make pictures of it hehe. And school starts again soon :(( i am really NOT looking forward to it. 
Lots of love, Demi


  1. Ziet er heel leuk uit! Ik wil ook nog een keertje xx

    1. dankjewel! het is ook echt leuk daar en ze hebben echt alle leuke winkels op een plek zitten daar zoals de newlook, forever 21, river island, pull & bear etc haha xxx

  2. jaa film een haul!

  3. Ik wil die haul wel zien. Xxx


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