Wednesday, 3 July 2013

you all remember last friday when i went out for dinner with friends? Well Lisa made a vlog about it, well about her whole day actually and since i was with her that whole day you can see me in her vlog too. So you can check it out below. Tomorrow i'm going to meet up with my lovely niece and probably make lots of pictures haha. And next week i'm going to Amsterdam and i was thinking about vlogging that whole day, so please leave a comment below if you want me to do that because i appreciate every single comment and view on my blog and i would love to know what you all think! ofcourse you could also give me tips or something else :) And excuse me that my blog looks quite rubbish but as you may know i've been blogging a lot from my phone a couple weeks ago but i'm fixing it haha.

lots of love, Demi.

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