Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hi! Since i'm going on holiday, which i've already told like 100000 times but i'm just very excited for it haha. I decided to make a post about what I mostly pack for my holidays. So incase you are curious click on read more and i hope you enjoy :)

Since mostly almost everyone is always going to a country where the weather is good, bringing your bikini's is a must! because there's a 99,9% chance that you are gonna cool down at the pool or at the beach. And ofcourse a towel and flipflops would be handy to take with you. Aaaand, don't forget your underwear ofcourse!

This is totally up to you, but since i'm planning on working out on the holidays i talk my workout gear with my ( i might aswell not work out if it's tooo hot, but i'll take them with my anyway so i can't use ' i don't have my stuff with me i can't workout ' as an excuse ) i also take my old converse with me ( i'm in desperatly need of new ones ) and some socks. And incase it get's a bit chilly outside at night I take a cozy vest with me.

And ofcourse, don't forget your toilet goodies and your make-up. It's all up to you what you bring with you as those goodies but mostly it's like hair stuff, toothbrush, hairbrush etc. And i also take what jewelry with me so my simple outfits won't be that boring anymore :)

And ofcourse, tee's, tanktops, blouses, tops, shorts (incase it gets a bit chilly/cold) a long jeans and dresses.
And you really shoudn't forget the recharger for your phone & camera! otherwise you'll be screwed haha. And you shouldn't forget you phone and camera too otherwise your recharger has no use. I also take my nikon with my ( since it's back yayy) but i was taking pictures with it so yeah it's not in the picture. And i take a smaller bag with my for just going out so i don't have to walk around with a huge bag. And ofcourse i take my blazer with me, i wear it sooo often but i just can't live without it. And I always like to read so i take some magazinnes & books with me. And incase you're planning on buying something, which almost everyone does, you ofcourse need to take your wallet with you! 

I really hoped you liked this post, ofcourse not everything i bring is in the pictures since some of them still need to be washed or it was just too much. I wish you all a fabulous holiday with good weather!
lots of love, Demi

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