pearl leather jacker

Friday, 14 June 2013

So today was like the last week of school where we had homework. We still have one week to go, but that's a testweek wich absolutely sucks because i hate studying but yeah, there's not much to do against it is it? haha. Today we only had to go to school for an hour so that was okay. After school i went to lisa and we ate lunch. After that she took some pictures of me for my blog. As you can see i was wearing my très chic tee, pearl color leather jacket, green waxed jeans and lisa's shoes hehe. I really like the picture of me and lisa because it quite shows how we are, weird and crazy hahaah. Oh and sorry but lately i'm just to lazy to edit my pictures, so i only edit the pictures i post on instagram, wich you can check out because it is @demivdl.  lots of love, Demi

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