imPRESS nails.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hiii chicks, So on the douglas vip night i bought the imPRESS nails, i already knew the brand because of Alli Simpson ( Cody simpson's sister ) She wears them a lot and models for the brand. I really wanted to try the nails but i hadn't found them in holland yet since then. So when i bought them i immediately tried them the same night, wich is now a week ago. And guess what, the nails you can apply without glue (!) are still going strong hahaha. Or well, they were still going strong an hour ago because i just removed them from my nails because they advice to not let them on your nails for more than 1 week. But god i love them so much, they are really easy to use, they look amazing and they stay on for such a long time. These pictures are made today so as you can see they aren't as close to my cuticle ( okay i googled this word so it's emberrassing if this isn't even right ahaha ) as they used to be but it still looks good.

I bought them for a bit more than 12,00 euro but as you guess i would totally reccomment them!
with love, Demi.

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