Monday, 27 May 2013

I'm actually writing this in a biiiggg rush because i just came back from kickbox, and i still need to study for a bit, just reading everything over again because i really need to get a good mark tomorrow for my french and german. I'm just quite bad at quite some subjects hahaha. That might sounds like i'm really bad at school but well, it could be worse hehe. But i just got my priorities straight, again.. But school is really my first because i really need some good marks because i don't want to re-do this class, at all! so sorry for not updating much. And i'm going on a family weekend this weekend so i'm not quite sure wether i'll update or not but i don't think so haha. But let's go back to the actual subject of this post, my favorite runway show. Well that has to be from Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2005. The pastel colors  look absolutely amazing and it just gives a really happy feeling and i love all the details on the clothes. And god the show, don't even get me started on that. To me it's just breathtaking. Just the way the models walk on the chessboard and the way it lights up. So amazing and beautiful  Check the video out below :) lots of love, Demi.

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