taco day and sunshine

Saturday, 13 April 2013

heyyy you. So today we ate taco's, wich was very delicious! and guess what, the weather was finally quite good, the sun shined and you could just walk around with only a jacket. It made me so happy. I just get 10 times happier when the weather is good and when you can hear the birds sing. It's just beautiful to wake up to that. Tomorrow i've to make a bit of my homework, study, workout and work. And i'm going to amsterdam may the 3th so i have to save my money for new running shoes so i can finally run again! oh thank god. And ofcourse we're going to search for one direction. Even though i don't want to hope and think about that we'll meet them i still have a little bit of hope.. So yeah.. 
lots of love,


  1. Oeh, hele mooie broek! Hou van die kleur! Liefs, Laura

  2. Leuke foto's Demi! Onze foto's toen we bij elkaar slapen staat vandaag online :) hihi



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