happy easter!

Monday, 1 April 2013

happy easter everyone! Yesterday, me, my brother, his girlfriend, my mom and my stephdad went out brunching. I actually made loads of pictures but the light wasn't that good so they didn't turned out very well. But it was very cozy and we had lots of fun! And the food was delicious ofcourse. Later today I'll have a lunch with my dad, my brother & his girlfriend, my stepmom and her 3 kids so ofcourse that will also be lots of fun!
And i promised you all to tell you about Maastricht so that's what i am gonna do now. We went by bus and i slept most of the time i slept in there hahah. And they have tried to wake my up by doing mutiple things but that didn't work. And when we where in maastricht, first we had to go to the caves and we had a guided tour there but it was pretty boring. Then we went to the stores but we had to do a picture command, and as the dumb people we are we made the whole thing instead of only doing 3 of them like we had to do. So when we were finished we didn't have much time to go shopping.. But all with all it was fun! x

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