sushi time.

Friday, 15 March 2013

hi lovelies. I'm sooo glad it's friday, TGIF. Finally weekend. And today was a special day for me, it was the first time i actually ate sushi. I always thought it looked pretty cool but i'm not really a fish eater so i had never tried it before. But it tastes actually quite good as long as you don't eat to much of it. So yeah i think i have to eat it more often, still not to much but just sometimes.. Today was quite a good day, not long going to school and no homework or something. Ooooh but i've bad new though.. i'm no longer able to run, my left leg just hurts tooo much. So now i have to wait till i have new running shoes to go. Urgh i really hate it because i really want to run, get fit and have a good condition but now i have to wait :( but i'll write you soon! xx

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