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Friday, 22 February 2013

Since i've worked out every day this week i wanted to give you all some motivation. After February break i started again with my healthy eating and working out because i came to the conclusion that i really want to get fit because i've a lot of body insecurities and i wanted to do something about it. Because waking up every day and hating your body is much harder than waking up and deciding to eat healthy and work out. And yes ofcourse it's okay to have a bad day, you'll always have them. But you're gonna live in your body untill you die wich is quite a while so why not feel comfortable and good in it? So i definitely want to have the amazing beach body and i am willing to work for that. And even I need motivation a lot, so that's why i have a fitblr where i can share all my motivation. If you need any help or if you just want to talk to my about this or whatever i'm always here so you can leave a comment, email me ( you can find my email in my description) tweet me @xdemivdl or go to my tumblr
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