collage appreciation post

Saturday, 23 February 2013

as you all may know, i post quite a lot of collages but i have to say that i absolutely love them, or well, maybe i just have a little obsession with them. They just look so cool with all the colors, amazing pictures and quotes. I haven't made All the collages in the 'collage posts' so credit to the makers. I only make the collages with clothes on polyvore. xx


  1. love these types of collages, so lovely.
    im training myself on photoshop to be able to make them.
    Love love love the johnny and winona ones! x

    1. Yes me too, i just love the quotes and the colors and just how they look and everything!
      oh that's amazing! i think it's quite difficult, isn't it?
      but i thought some people made those collages on polyvore because i have all of them from tumblr and somtimes the descriptions says something about polyvore.. but i'm not sure though.


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