february glamour.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

this are just a couple of my favorite pages out of the february glamour - my favorite fashion magazine on earth. Now a lot of you probably think and what about the VOGUE? Well I like the vogue too though but i just like the glamour a lot more. I always dreamed of working there when i'm older but i think that change is very small so i kinda gave up on that dream. Or well particually not really giving up but i thought of something else i want to do if this doesn't work out, wich sadly probably won't. I'm sorry the gif isn't a good quality, so i can't do it big because it will be blurry. This glamour includes a lot of interviews, one with cameron diaz, olcay gulsen of supertrash and gwen stefani. And ofcourse lots and lots of fashion. If you haven't read the glamour yet i really recommend it to you! oh and this is my 100th post on my blog :) just letting you know. write you soon xx


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