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Monday, 31 December 2012

i remember it so good being in paris, like it was yesterday. I went there in summer 2011. it was just beautiful. All the shops and little boutiques, i loved it! we ate macarons at the champs elysees wich was delicious ofcourse. And just even the city looked like a whole fashion show. Just seeing all the people with different styles and the shops of the big brands like chanel, ralph lauren, dior and go so on.  And ofcourse the eiffel tower, it was much bigger then i thought. And oh what was it beautiful at night, it's by far just one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. It was just breathtakingly because of all the beautiful lights. I really hope i can go there again soon.

lots of love,

not all pictures are mine,
the ones that are: ralph lauren, me looking at the eiffel tower, the one of the macarons and the one of d'arc de triomph.

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