Friday, 16 November 2012

it's finally weekend! yesss. i got a math test on school today and i think i can finally say that it went quite good, not very but quite.. So hopefully i got a good mark :) after school Lisa en I went to the wood to make some pictures. Oh I am soo happy it's finally weekend, even though i have to study a lot. because i freaking need to learn 300 words for german, gosh what a hell. But whatever i'm not gonna worry about it know because i need to celebrate that it's weekend! with love, Demi



  1. Super leuke foto's! Ja we moeten snel weer eens afspreken!

    1. thanks! hihi jaa doen we, maar we zijn ook allebei bijna jarig dus dan zien we elkaar sowieso. Maar anders spreken we gewoon in het weekend een xtje af bij oma? x


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